Bank holiday weekend

It’s a 4-day weekend for Easter so that means lots of extra special food.  Can’t have Easter without lamb and chocolate treats but that can get a bit expensive, so good to make the most of the time, effort and money. Looks like we timed the braai just right as today it’s rainy, thunder and lightening. The works. 

True to form, at the point you’ve finish cooking the meal the charcoal is just hot enough to cook a small pig. So when the boerwors, pork belly strips and lamb were cooked to perfection we bunged on chicken drums and thighs on the bone to chargrill and get some lovely smoke on. Used a lot of willpower and didn’t eat them yesterday. Got them wrapped and in the fridge ready for lunches (drums) and to be shredded into curry (thighs) so we have low effort meals sorted.  

At this time of year I tend to make big batches of dressed salads; coleslaw, sweet potato salads and roast veg, so we have those ready to pick at for a few days. Bit of extra effort up front, but turns the fridge into a deli-counter which is handy when we don’t know what the weather will be doing.

Also managed to bag a free dessert from leftovers in the fridge! Had a half mango (from making salsa last week), some sliced pineapple (left over from Piña colada chicken recipe), bananas and some fresh coconut chunks. Double-wrapped in foil with a few knobs of unsalted butter and splash of Calvados, and left on the braai while we ate dinner. Would have been good with a dollop of vanilla ice cream but Yummmmmm 🙂

Looking forward to a few days of braai leftovers while pretending it’s still Summer!