Why kale is the Chuck Norris of all veg

On a mission to eat more, nutrient-dense veggies I put kale on the menu this week but forgot that it doesn’t wilt down, like spinach, so got the bigger bag [price break 😉 ]  at Tesco. Problem is, I just can not get rid of it.

Seriously, I’ve put huge portions of it into dinner 3 times already this week and the bag is just not shrinking – in fact, I’m pretty sure it’s grown!

I’ve put aside enough to go with an Indian meal at the weekend, but I can’t face seeing it on my plate again today so thought I’d try out making crisps with it.

Using a NomNomPaleo recipe as a guide, I dried off about 100g chopped kale (that’s all that would fit on one of my baking trays – so no idea how big her oven is if she can do half a kilo at a time!), drizzled over melted ghee (about 2 tsp) and tumbled the lot onto a baking tray lined with greaseproof paper. Baked @ 180c for 10 mins, turned tray around and gave it another 5 mins. While it was still hot I seasoned with ground braai spice (mix of sale, coriander, garlic and chilli). Next time I would put more on the tray – it needs to be in a single layer but, as I use a fan-assisted setting on my oven, it would still get good and crispy even if there wasn’t clear space between the leaves. 

Crunchy-Yummy 🙂