Easy Summer dinner

Super-chuffed with this picture 🙂 ]

Too hot to cook last night, but had nothing prepped in the fridge so went for minimal effort.

Crispy skinned, oregano chicken with a rocket and pecorino salad spritzed with fresh lemon to serve. Lush 🙂


Grumpy Chicken dinner

Was in a foul mood last night, and really couldn’t be bothered to cook for anyone. You know, those nights when you think “Go on, I DARE you to ask me when dinner will be ready” !

I already had something planned, with all the components ready in the fridge, but still couldn’t be arsed. So I ate a whole packet of cold, ready cooked chicken wings. Oops.

Dinner was eventually made: Hawaiian Pork meatballs. Tasty. Involved having to blitz and squeeze a load of canned pineapple. Should have done that ahead – slap on the wrist for being disorganised. Did get to use my newest gadget; a mini icecream scoop. Did make me a little happier 🙂

Uova in Purgatorio – deconstructed

Last night’s dinner was meant to be Uova in Purgatorio [posh baked eggs with homemade chorizo) but when it came to meal time I really didn’t fancy it, so instead I took it apart.

Using all the same ingredients I made mini-meatballs with the chorizo, roasted chunks of sweet potato dusted with paprika, a spicy tomato sauce to pour over the lot and finished it with 2 poached eggs. No pics as I was busy watching Eurovision but, to help you build your own mental image, it had a glass of Spanish rosé on the side 🙂

Lazy dinner

I do get some nights where I really can’t be bothered to cook much, and when I’m on my own I’m not that fussed about eating at all. This is why I do so much prep – if it’s mostly done I have zero excuse to go to Waitrose/ pop to the takeaway/ just eat cheese and biscuits.

Last night my planning paid off as I had a dinner ready in under half an hour with, more importantly, less than 5 minutes effort on my part.

2 halves of roasted aubergine,  topped with a tub of beef ragu (last of a freezer batch from months ago) and a little grated cheddar, baked in the oven. Plus I put some left over par-cooked sweet potato cubes on the tray to roast at the same time. Bang in oven – ignore for 20 mins. Eat 🙂