Saturday brunch

With the hubby away, and some spare time on my hands, I got started early on 70-462 prepping my Saturday brunch. (should have been breakfast but got distracted by checking what’s new on the inter web). Last night I took some frozen spinach and put it in ramekins to defrost overnight

Then, in the morning, I squeezed out all the water (bit messy with the chopped frozen spinach as the bits got everywhere, so think I’ll use fresh next time and wilt it just before I need it). Put a small knob of butter on the spinach, seasoned with S+P, topped each with 2 eggs and about a tablespoon of double cream. Found a bit of hard cheddar in the fridge so grated some on top.

And finally, baked in the oven @ 180c for about 15 mins until golden and bubbling.

Baked eggs

Served with a teaspoon – yummy. Could have baked a little less, so the eggs would have been 70-463 runnier, but I like the golden cheese – needs work.