Yesterday was a long day; early start to catch the train to London, then headed all the way across town to Greenwich. Today will be a long day too, but at least I get to drive myself there and back with no pesky trains to make me panic. I only got my driving licence when I was 25, and had plenty of years getting along just fine with public transportation but since I started driving myself around the idea of relying on a train to get me to a meeting on time brings me out in a cold sweat. Leave home 5 mins late, you miss the train and it’s another half hour until the next one. Leave home 5 mins late in your car…….. just have to drive a little faster 🙂

As I’m not a morning person, breakfast is a bit much for me to do ‘early’ – priority is making sure clothes aren’t on inside out (not always achieved….). The kettle is a no-go zone so, with the Man being away, I’ll have to stick with using the idiot-proof Nespresso coffee pod machine. After I’ve been on the road about an hour I’m normally ready for some food – fruit salad and yogurt not ideal here, so I take along some easy-to-eat provisions for the journey, otherwise known as padkos. Today’s in-car treat is Bacon & Egg Cluck-Muffins 🙂  Coconut flour muffins with bacon, mushroom and tomato plus some veggie ones with shredded broccoli stem instead of bacon and a chunk of goat’s cheese to attempt to make up for the lack of bacon.


I attempted these at the weekend and thought I knew better than to bother with paper muffin cases – the tin is still soaking and I’ve resorted to Soda Crystals……