Offal – awful, or awfully good?

I’ve never had a problem with eating offal in restaurants. Nothing too risqué, but calves liver with bacon or spicy chicken livers would be my first choice if I spotted them on the menu. I’ve enjoyed many a Rognons au madère at French bistros too, so not put off by strong flavours and challenging textures.

When it comes to cooking it at home I’ve not been quite so intrepid. I know how to deal with it and I don’t find it too oogey but it’s such a rich flavour that I have to be in the mood for it and, if I don’t fancy it within a day or two of buying or defrosting, there’s likely to be waste. Not good.

As I’ve been playing it a bit safe with my weekly menus lately, I’ve decided to make a concerted effort to include more of these ‘exotic’ cuts. Added bonus is they’re packed with iron, vitamin A* and vitamin D so will go nicely with the other, nutrient-dense ingredients I’m planning to use next week. Watch this space…….

DISCLAIMER: Vitamin A/ retinol toxicity. There are potential health risks associated with high doses (over 1,500 µgrams) of retinol. We do not use vitamin supplements or take cod liver oil but, if you do, please check guidelines before increasing consumption of liver and liver products to more than once a week.

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