Monday blues

It’s monday, a week to go until month-end, crappy excuse for summer outside – need i go on? 🙁

Actually, shouldn’t grumble. Had a great catch up with a friend last night; about 3 months of activity summarised in 4 hours of coffee! As a single gal (employed, own home, sports car, blonde – orderly queue please) she’s used to the kind of challenges i’ve only really experienced over the last couple of weeks while hubby has been away. How to deal with car trouble, DIY, paleo cooking for one etc. Now, I’ve never thought of myself as being a girlie-girl, and I know how to wire a plug and turn of the water etc., but I don’t think I’d realised quite how much my husband looks after for me. In fairness, I then look after the important things like arranging holidays and, of course, feeding him 🙂 Miss you, B!

Right <pull myself together>. One of the thing we talked about (much can not be published, to protect the guilty!) was how it can be tricky to stay paleo when you’re away from home or just have your normal routine disrupted, and don’t want to eat the same old standbys. Hard boiled eggs can be very convenient, not to mention cheap, but after a few days…… this is in part due to us buying the same sorts of food, every week, in keeping with our habits and traditions, and not always having time spare to get creative. How to break the mould?

In my fridge today I have some chicken, bacon and feta plus green beans in the freezer. This was going to be a big salad, with seeds and lemon zest. I make this sort of thing a lot, and it’s pretty tasty but I could turn it into a proper plate of dinner instead: feta stuffed chicken wrapped in bacon, with a side of green beans and gremolata.

Mmmm, too early for dinner?

What’s your leftovers?