Holiday time!

This year we managed to plan ourselves a few days off work before leaping into the holiday chaos of 4am alarms and airports full of amateur travellers – Heathrow could really do with separate lanes for people who know where they’re going, and how to remove their shoes for security, and another for those who need a little more time and assistance.

A slow adjustment to vacation seemed like a good plan, due to hubby only just being back from India. Friday was dedicated to covering as much of London as possible, [must post part 2 soon] Saturday was family catch up day and Sunday was Wimbledon. Today has been holiday prep – yes, we leave these thing late. First pleasant task of the day was to try to empty the fridge of perishables; resulting in a rather tasty caramelised onion frittata with nigella seeds for brunch. Have been informed I may make that again. A short swing round town to get Mr some replacement swimming trunks and have a calming flat white at Picnic. Darn hot out there, but has helped me get my suitcase contents reduced to the bare minimum. Not even taking heels or a hairdryer this time!

Must crack on with dinner soon so can get an early night and be bright-eyed and bushy tailed at silly o’clock tomorrow morning. Looks like it’s chicken wings, coleslaw, tomato and mozzarella salad, and half a lemon 🙂