Feeling like a proper grown up

After waving off hubby on Sunday morning, I’ve nearly completed a whole working day of being all on my lonesome.

Set an alarm on my mobile (as I don’t know how to operate the alarm in the bedroom…) and even made my own cup of tea before leaving for work. Managed a bit of breakie too. Had prepped packed lunch night before, as usual, so covered for that. Still managed to forget my expense receipts, but can’t get it all right on day one.

Evenings are much easier as I just have to potter around, making dinner and watching tv – simples. Not doing any foodography this week. Too time consuming and still working in the evenings on the day job. <sigh>

Knocked up a curry with a lot of extra chilli to try and kill off the cold I’m developing. Was meant to last 2 nights’ dinners but greed and a need for nurture took over. Must be my impending old age that’s making me weak and ill – ehem ehem sniiiiff hack hack………