Do androids dream of electric sheep?

I dream of food.

Menu planning is my ‘thing’.  I think about what, and how, I’m going to cook while I’m driving around or getting on with my day, even while I’m already cooking or eating a meal!  I know what’s in my fridge down to the last half lemon and scrap of fresh herbs, and I already know what I’d like to do with them.  I have been told this is not quite normal 🙂 

If you don’t have control freak tendencies and a one-track mind when it comes to food, or just need more ideas, they’ve got a (free) App for that! 

Pepper Plate    ~   iPhone, Windows and Android sheep compatible 🙂

It allows you to collate recipes you see online (Pinterest etc.), plan menus, share with friends and create shopping lists based on your requirements.

I have a low-tech version of this I created in a shared OneNote which indexes my recipes, which I was looking to use to create a similar tool, but decided it was too much like hard work 🙂