Day 9

Woke up early after a good night’s sleep, which is unusual for me. Maybe it was the wine and extra fat, in cheese format. Veg box arrived and contents as expected. Have most of the week’s menu planned and only a short shopping list to hunt and gather at the weekend. Will probably increase tonight after I’ve read my new book which arrived a day early. Yay! Fancy some new breakfast options but might have to get this book too.

Good start today with a positive meeting at work. Celebrated with a latte 🙂 Decided to make Friday a canteen day and not eat at my desk; good choice as got a really good chicken Caesar salad with anchovies. Lush. Trying to plan a night out with my immediate team, but it’s a bit of a minefield when it comes to food. Aiming for more of a pub-grub evening, for cost reasons, but that somewhat limits what I can eat. Might have to be ‘that person’ who orders a burger and leaves the bun. And the chips. And probably the franken-food burger too 🙁

Went for a 4km walk after work, with a pub stop midway 🙂 but managed to put together dinner when we got back; beef, pork and chorizo burgers with sweet potato wedges. Did have 2 glasses of wine at the pub tho, and another half glass with dinner, so not much left in credit for dinner out tomorrow night.

No more than 1 latte a day =  Achieved

Go out for a run 3 times a week = 0 (does a long walk count?)

Limit alcohol to 7 units a week  = 4.5 units total