Day 7

Not the best day. Got some fruit and yogurt down before hitting the motorway this morning with a beaker of tea. Stopped to get petrol and treated my car to an ‘Ultimate’ carwash – can’t say I see the difference between that and the results from the cheapy-basic wash but hey ho.  

Managed to avoid buying any provisions but didn’t pack any lunch, leaving myself at the mercy of the canteen.  I’ve heard they do ‘salad’ but I’ve yet to see it among the huge portions of stodge. Located it today – 2 soup bowls of potato salad, some sliced cucumber and tomato wedges. Lunch was a latte 🙁 Spent an enjoyable few minutes scouring a tannin-stained spoon as a distraction – at least I remembered to bring my own tea bags today. Don’t you just love the Civil Service?! 

Had to stop off for food on drive home; carrot sticks and guacamole, prawns and a bar of organic dark chocolate. Ooh, and some yummy ricotta and speck roll ups.

10k road race in Hampshire this evening (I wasn’t competing) so dinner was a nice quick spicy beef larb on lettuce cups, with sesame prawn skewers. Had some kabanos and a few veggie crisps with guacamole before dinner last night and felt a lot better for it, so think I may have been under-eating. Or maybe I’m just too used to being a piggy 🙂 Good enough excuse to have some more tonight. Home too late to go for a run, so didn’t. Found a beer in the fridge I’d saved from the weekend but just didn’t fancy it. 


No more than 1 latte a day =  Achieved 

Go out for a run 3 times a week = 2  (must try a different approach for this one) 

Limit alcohol to 7 units a week  = 4 units total (impressed – but didn’t have any wine)