Clean June – Days 22-30 (Week 4)

Final week of Clean June.

Dairy intake reduced to <250ml – ACHIEVED. This wasn’t so hard in the end. It’s summer, so I don’t feel the need for a hot cuppa and fruit tea or water tastes just fine, but in winter I think I’d struggle with the cold and the dark making me hunt down caffeine.

Alcohol reduced to maximum 14 units per week – ACHIEVED. Didn’t manage this for all the weeks. I blame the sudden lovely weather but in reality I have cut out a lot just by being more aware of when I’m drinking, and when I really only want a glass of water.

Get out for a walk or cycle every day, including gym days – FAIL Think this may have been a bit ambitious, as I only went walking at the weekends before and hit the gym twice a week, but I will persevere 🙂