Can I help you?

Want to eat better?
Challenged by dietary restrictions?
Want to lose some weight and gain energy?
Want to stop wasting money?

Want to take charge of your kitchen and feel like a domestic goddess?!  🙂

This is for busy people who want more variety in their diet, without resorting to expensive ready meals and takeaways, and people managing dietary restrictions who want to regain their love of food.

I want to give you the key skills to take apart any recipe and adapt to your requirements and budget. Let’s take the stress and frustration out of dinner times and make it a pleasure.

Unlike Diet Chef and Weight Watchers, this is not calorie-counting. It’s also not a prescribed eating plan – although I can help you put that together if you want it.

This is about cooking Real Food, and giving you the confidence to do it for yourself.

You can do better than a takeaway!

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