Now, here’s the
tough one. If I can’t have toast or that fortified wholegrain cereal I’ve been
told for years I must eat, or else, and I don’t have time to cook breakfast
every morning what am I supposed to eat?

On some of the blogs I’ve followed they suggest eating dinner for breakfast (I know the other way round is brinner, so is this deckfast?). This doesn’t really appeal to me as I tend to use a lot of chili and garlic in
my dinners, and first thing in the morning it’s a bit much. Plus, I’m not a
morning person so on school-days I prefer to get my full duvet time then grab
breakie and go. Solution to this has been preparing a big tub of fruit salad
twice a week, and serving with double cream or a few dollops of full-fat greek
yogurt. This happily sees me through to about 1pm when I have my lunch. Who’d
have thunk it?

If I’ve got an early
start and have to drive somewhere (so bowl of fruit and spoon not a great idea)
then a few cooked sausages and chunks of cheese, or muffin sized frittatas all
make good padkos 🙂

On the weekends,
away from the daily-grind, I like a big breakfast. Going out for brunch used to
be a nice treat but the vast majority of menu items are with bread, which isn’t
surprising given the tradition of fresh baked goods in the morning, and even the
yoghurt tends to come with sweetened granola. There are a few, gold-star
exceptions – but I’ll come to those later.

Instead, at home,
we’ll knock-up soft-boiled eggs with asparagus spears, scrambles with wilted
greens (like chard or beetroot tops) mixed-in, full english, parsnip rostis or
shredded sweet potato topped with ham and poached eggs, all take a little more
time but worth the effort.

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