Ah, Sunday…….

Slight change of plan yesterday. After getting home, unpacking, showering and (most importantly) giving me all my pressies, Hubby really wanted a proper beer so I took him to his favourite pub for a pint. Decided to do a quick, no fire, dinner of sausages and Jammy balsamic onion gravy with roast pumpkin. Bet you didn’t get THAT in your 5* hotel, huh?!

Nice, 97% outdoor bred pork sausages with minimal fillers courtesy of Sainsbury’s – though I have been impressed by ASDA’s premium version.

So the braai rolls over to today. Probably a good thing as it’s looking GLORIOUS out there!

First things first – coffee on the veranda while I wait for Monsieur to get back from his run and place his breakfast order 🙂