Steak skewers with cherry barbecue sauce

This is the first proper ‘meal’ recipe I’ve tried from my new book, and I thought it would be a good “Welcome Home!” meal for my hubby.

Strips of beef steak, skewered and grilled then glazed with a sweet/ sour cherry sauce. Original recipe called for flank steak, but couldn’t get that anywhere so went with a thick piece of rump which was on special offer. Actually made the sauce a few days ahead [I like to get ahead 🙂 ] and it kept fine in the fridge.

Even better, we only used about half the sauce (despite being seriously piggy with it – and me slopping most of it on the skewers instead of the steak) so I can serve it with the turkey cranberry meatballs later in the week. If I make another batch I think it would taste AMAZING with braai 😛

Note: Yes, we did have more than 3 skewers each, but 6 doesn’t look as photogenic 🙂