Lazy dinner

I do get some nights where I really can’t be bothered to cook much, and when I’m on my own I’m not that fussed about eating at all. This is why I do so much prep – if it’s mostly done I have zero excuse to go to Waitrose/ pop to the takeaway/ just eat cheese and biscuits.

Last night my planning paid off as I had a dinner ready in under half an hour with, more importantly, less than 5 minutes effort on my part.

2 halves of roasted aubergine,  topped with a tub of beef ragu (last of a freezer batch from months ago) and a little grated cheddar, baked in the oven. Plus I put some left over par-cooked sweet potato cubes on the tray to roast at the same time. Bang in oven – ignore for 20 mins. Eat 🙂

Busy day :(

Bit of a late post today as I was disorganised this morning and had to drive to a Customer site. 

No breakie, snacks or packed lunch prepared. Gulp. Managed to survive the drive with a beaker of tea and pick up a rather nice salad and some cooked chicken from Sainsbury’s. 

Forgot to bring my own tea bags too so no caffeine for me for the rest of today – prob just as well; I have been caning it a bit lately.  

Fortunately I did have the foresight to prepare the components for dinner ahead of time – batch of ragu taken out of freezer last night, and thin slices of aubergine chargrilled on the braai Sunday night = Aubergine Parmigiana Bolognaise 🙂


What I had for dinner last night……

With a busy schedule of washing up and ….. not much else to do last night, I set about prepping my lunch for today (chicken with roast med veg, feta cheese, pinenuts and balsamic dressing) while sorting my dinner. One of my favourites; meatballs with zoodles (zucchini noodles) and veggie sauce. Often the sauce is just passata with some S&P but, as I had a few sad looking purple and yellow carrots leftover in the larder, I snuck a few extra veg in. Shhh, don’t tell anyone! Went rather nicely with a glass of vino too 🙂 Ciao!