My favourite sausage dinner (adapted from Delicious Magazine)

This is a really nice way to eat aubergine as it goes super soft and creamy, so no nasty squeaky bits. Plus only needs a frying pan and a baking sheet to prepare. We have it between 2 with some broccoli on the side, but it’s meant to serve 4, so you only get half an aubergine and 1 sausage each. A green salad and the garlic bread as they suggest might work. I don’t add the breadcrumbs at the end, but use parmesan or a little mature cheddar instead.

MUST USE DECENT SAUSAGE!!! I get the Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference 70% pork in the 10 packs when they’re on special and split them up to freeze. You only need 4 sausages so does work out quite economical. I’ve been known to bung the rest of the pack of sausages on the baking tray too cook while this is roasting so I have cooked sausage in the fridge for frittatas etc. This week I used my own chorizo-style kofta sausages (from WellFed2) as they’ve been in the freezer a while. 

Whole thing costs under £4.50 to make 🙂

[picture to follow]

Busy day :(

Bit of a late post today as I was disorganised this morning and had to drive to a Customer site. 

No breakie, snacks or packed lunch prepared. Gulp. Managed to survive the drive with a beaker of tea and pick up a rather nice salad and some cooked chicken from Sainsbury’s. 

Forgot to bring my own tea bags too so no caffeine for me for the rest of today – prob just as well; I have been caning it a bit lately.  

Fortunately I did have the foresight to prepare the components for dinner ahead of time – batch of ragu taken out of freezer last night, and thin slices of aubergine chargrilled on the braai Sunday night = Aubergine Parmigiana Bolognaise 🙂


Sunday dinner for one

After an early start, and lovely day out shopping and lunching with a friend, it was time to come home and deal with Sunday evening chores. Boo! Laundry, dishes and dinner. Normally i love nothing more than spending time slaving over a hot stove but, as it’s just me on my lonesome, there doesn’t seem much point. Then I remembered I’d got lamb from the farm shop specially, and the leftovers were destined for my lunchbox today, so I pulled myself together and got cracking.

Roast multi-coloured carrots dressed with pomegranate molasses [tastes like vimto] and sesame seeds, s+p roast lamb, baba ganoush and greek yogurt.

Not bad. Would have been nicer hotter, but got a bit side tracked hanging up laundry.Probably just as well i was on my own; garlic in the baba ganoush was pretty strong 🙂  Fortunately not included in the lunch reincarnation: frisée lettuce, slivers of radish, cherry toms, pesto and yogurt dressing. Well, it’s more interesting than a tuna baguette 🙂

roast carrots, lamb and baba ganoush

Ooops, forgot about the 3rd task – dishes. Oh well, tonight is a no-cook dinner so plenty of time for that later.