Christmas 2013


Q: Can I ask for help choosing a gift for my designated Santee?
A: No. It’s ‘Secret’ Santa. Clue’s in the name.

Q: I don’t want anything in particular for Christmas, but I really don’t want any more socks. What do I do?
A: Leave gift selection to your Secret Santa, but help by specifying a non-preference for hosiery this year. 

Q: Am I getting special paper to wrap my gift?
A: No. Decided against this as sizes of gifts vary and would be wasteful to issue 6 rolls of paper. Suggest Santas use a different type of paper to that used for any other gifts they are issuing outside of Santa-related activity. Not that there should be any other gifts, as per terms and conditions of agreement!

Q: I’ve not been very good this year. Will I still get a gift?
A: Yes. All boys and girls get a gift from Santa. However, suggest hedging bets by making good use of the Dear Santa/ appeal letter.


List of all the stuff we need for Christmas celebrations – please email me to accept ownership of an item

Christmas Eve

  • Supper for 6 people (Foster/Brooks) – Fiona

Christmas Day

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
    • Canapés – Claire
    • Starter – Claire
    • Turkey – Dad
    • Ham – Claire
    • Gravy – Dad
    • Stuffing – Dad
    • Pigs in blankets – Dad
    • Roast potatoes – Mum
    • Veggie sides (sprouts etc.) – Claire
    • Cranberry sauce – Dad & Fiona
    • Cheese board – Dad
    • Pudding – Dad
    • After dinner chocolates – Mum
  • Drinks
    • Soft drink (juice and lemonade)
    • Mixers
    • Champagne/ Fizz (Canapes/ starter) – Dad
    • Wine (Turkey) – Dad
    • Wine (Pudding) – Dad
    • Port (Cheese) – Dad
    • Cognac etc. (Coffee) – Dad
  • Other misc
    • Candles/ table decoration – Mum
    • Crackers – Claire

Boxing Day

  • Breakfast – Colin
  • Lunch
    • Starter
    • Dessert
  • Tea

 Last updated 07/12/13